Thursday, July 29, 2010

'Cause it's you!

Evening around 5, we reached home, me n our bingo. Soon after she entered in the home she shouted “M/s Smart I’m home and your genius too” she laughed.

She came out of kitchen, “ohhh! What this little devil wants her mom to do for that” by the way she tried to take her school bag… she smelled something and stared at me … real strange look.

She asked me “don’t you remember what day is today?”
Soon after asked this question, she pulled bingo with her and went in side.

I asked to myself, what day? Birth day, anniversary or day I proposed… mmm … nothing I remember.

I heard “brush like me not like your smart father”
By the way she came to bed room. that time I’m taking off my clothes.

“Pardon me my majesty, I don’t remember” in sarcastic tone.

“ahaa! .. Enough… please stop your non sense… Really you don’t know what you did”

“oh! Let me first get clear my majesty, you want to know what I have done for today or what day is today? Please be sure my lord” I gently nodded my eye brows.

“uff! … you made her to eat bread omelet ….”

I remain silent… what else I do …

“what happened sir … hope now you was clear about what I’m asking …”

“oh! That’s the problem” I smiled.

“I’m serious”

“Okay come here” I pulled her towards me.

“Today is Friday, how come … don’t you remember” she asked me in pleasing tone.

“dei! If you feel it’s a sin or something that should not do, don’t do it for any cost. Any way other week days she gonna have what’s the problem in Friday.”

No reply from her. She still stares at me.

I continued “Don’t –YOU- remember a day after we proposed each other, we met in Bangalore in some mall, and it might be Saturday. You asked me ‘loose if you like to have anything from KFC. Moreover though I said no, you yourself went to buy for me, my dear princess. Then …”

“Okay… enough…” she smiled.

Again I continued “Anyway this is your perception. Don’t insist her, though she is our daughter”
In sarcastic tone she asked me “then why you are not taking now. Justifying for her -WHY-YOU-ARE-NOT?”
I sat on bed and made her to sit on my lap

“Cause my princess doesn’t like that smell”

“anyway that’s someone’s problem … hmmm?” she noded her eyebrows.

“mmm … ‘cause it’s you”

I tried to reach her lips …

“poda” she pushed me and got up from my lap. Then she came near, each of us foreheads clashed. She said “that one thing is I like you so so so much. Don’t go away from me. ok?” she whispered.

Suddenly Bingo opened the door;

She winked and she moved to kitchen by the way she said “don’t do it next time”

me “ai … loo”

“whatever” she left to kitchen

Now my bingo on my lap, “daddy, from tomorrow onwards …”

“you don’t want it right?”

“uhymm, you get me a mint after that” lighting reply, she winkled at me.

We both laughed out loudly.

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