Thursday, July 8, 2010

Don't Disturb Please!

I shouldn't have met her. But why she is called me often. She disturbed me so much. I went that day to meet her. I don’t want to meet her in crowd.

First I seen her in train, local train, too crowded. I didn't talk to her. Quietly I watched her. She stood near door. Balancing in one hand and messaging to someone, she is very excited and smiling for every message. I thought might be her friend… boy friend.

She went to temple. I waited outside. But I can watch her. She walked step by step, where her each step she kept very near by near, might be for some wish. After a few minutes of prayer she sat for a minute and came out of temple. She dialed some number,

"loose, I thought you’ll come to temple… but …."

I didn't hear what the answer she received from other side.

She then "oh… okay… so that office is more important then me… poda..."

By talking this she crossed the road and again she got in to train. She then took an auto, I followed her.

Already it became dark, so I guessed that she is on the way to her home. My instinct was right. At last I found her home. I waited outside, I was little bit nervous. Too many question I asked to myself. What I do if she shout. What I do if say I didn’t do that or I don’t know… or anything else… by thinking all those I started walking to the staircase.

I was near a room, I heard her voice, might be she, she said,

"just try de… what will happen, try to call him, even last Saturday I and machi tried to call him, you only having that board right?"

I lost my sense, I entered into her room. I just stood in front of her. She scared and even she can't able to shout first, then she started screaming and tried to get off from the bed. I pulled and slapped her. Her mom came inside with anxiety.

I vanished!

Yeah! I shouldn't do that. I behaved too rude to her. I'm feeling sorry for that. If someone meets her please convey my sorry to her.

This is for you "DON'T DISTURB ME please!" ...


  1. Thanks Ammu!
    Funny!? hymm!
    Gonna scribble ma nxt thought :)
    I can't view ur profile.. that's y replyin to u here..