Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You Taught Me!

I've slept on your chest till twelve
I was scared at the crowded bus
Holding your hands always brings the courage
I have seen the love between you and mom
Not any cinema taught me to love my girl.. It’s you...
Every morning mom kisses you on your forehead
I see n blush
You notice me.. Hit me on head n laugh
You know that I love you.. But
I’ve never told you that I too love chocolates
I love if you get me before I get into the school bus
I love jeans... but I’ve never asked you one...
I knew how much you struggled to pay my school fees...
I know I was not even loyal to that
I fail... I fail... I fail...
I have never met your expectation...
I score below average
At that age I can’t earn
So I caged all my wishes..
The day you left us all alone
More than in tears I was in a fear whole day
I felt like everyone around there was to whack me
Until I never knew that we have been paying for the electricity we use
About telephone bills we paid...
I have to take care maa.. All I promised to myself that day!
I know you won’t light up when I’m in dark
You have taught me to light up the dark...