Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dominoes Effect

How a simple man is turning into god and very soon as scoundrel.
If a man declaring himself as a god, not just one who visits him, always it’s in large number. In that crowd one or two may coincidently get heal or good things may start happening, most of the time they started to assuming after they attend the meeting or bajan or mass prayer, whatever.

They would say this to their neighbor or relatives. That message will linked to various situations and end up with good stories to media. As like, a normal death of a person linked to the election results and the party who lost in the pool tries to maintain the standard.

Another best example is play of dominos, when one get hits it pushes every other and rapid fall will happen.

As simple as dominoes effect, simple guru is becoming a GOD. Actually they are not turning; we are making them, assuming them as everything.

We may go to karate classes, music classes and mostly to school, ever we keep their photos in home and do prayer every day. No idea why it’s happening when some one teaches yoga or preaches any religious things.

A god is a god and described as he/she or whatever (no problem in that at least) have no weakness, no guilty and no wishes.

When we come to know that they too have a weakness, everyone call them as scoundrel, cheater.

It’s obvious that when we get everything granted we will try to fulfill all our wishes. It is a very common human nature. When everyone thinks about one that whatever he/she says and does are right and precious. They’ll do exactly ‘whatever’. If ‘that’ whatever is not liked by a set of people then the recent god turns into cheater.
In fact, people whoever has no full faith in god and looking for an instant up in life creating such instant gods and ends up in court and media. Anyway a 'that' god will return, without any doubt.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Tears!

What you do if someone ready to give certain sum amount..?

What is your dream… passion… future plan… what you want to be, where you want to stand after 10 years…? Don’t you know Lakshmi Mittal, Bill Gates, Ambani, Mark Zuckerberg. Don’t you want to be like them…? How far are you…?

We are ready to be a slave, rather then building our own kingdom and becoming a king. Well suited comment for people working with MNC or corporate.

How many of us know a 70 year old man who plants a tree daily and maintaining it, fertilizing them. Doesn’t he know that he won’t be there to enjoy any benefit of his work. There are such people around us they never want to write their name on the tree they planted, never want anyone to thank while they are standing under such trees for shadow, as like we take breath without counting. Do we count how many breath we took today..?

Passion or dream is like our breath, that’s ours, based on each individual. I’m not sure earlier listed people achieved their dreams or not, even they might not be sure. They are still fighting and why we need to set them as our target and struggle to achieve their goals when everyone can dream and have their own capability to build own passion.

Some might be passion towards photography, go on and click. Some love to watch movie, when some love to make it. Some bounded by commitments and do job to fulfill, then they go behind their passion. Even after 40 some times. Age is not at all matters here. No meaning in calling them as slaves, slaves don’t even have right to say that they’re slaves. If they say that, their master might say you’re not a slave you’re a shit. We all have freedom and we bounded with our own company policies, which we should’ve read before joining. Many never do and keep on blaming the company. We are free to move out of company we work today and can go to any company we like. No slave has such thing, then that too includes in FREEDOM.

Investing time on a stone or metal or plastic then earning and earning, keep on doing strategy plan to earn more. Getting a name in a list published by some magazine is passion, then move on with it. Counting gives pleasure only until we count.

Passion differs to each individual. That cannot be plant by seeing neighbor land harvest. Here each soil is different.

We are struggle to be like another man rather then being or building ourselves. It looks like making photocopy. Anywhere original only speaks not duplicates.

Don’t ever put others questions in your mind, because that is their problem. Above questions are someone’s they are asking to us and we are forgetting our question and puzzling with their problems by considering it as us. This is like a dominos effect; just a simple push on a domino makes all others to fall rapidly. Do you remember anyone asking you ‘don’t you want to be like a Vivekananda or Che guevara..?’. Hope no one, because that is more difficult. That should make happen with in us, which are purely towards inner. Where outer all are running behind money with pocket full and they want everyone to do so. Never end!

It’s right if you ask your questions to yourself. Keep on asking, once you find an answer ‘ENOUGH’ for all questions. Only one question remain unanswered that is

‘Why I’m here..?’

If you find the answer, don’t ever try to explain to other, again that’s your individual question and its own answer. That never suits to others. Your explanation might give a chance to them to think that you’re mad.

If any two people who find the answer for their last question meet, they will have nothing to speak only happy tears falls from each of their eyes.

It’s absolutely unnecessary that one’s passion should know by others , no need to throw light on it. Do which brings such happy tears, without any limitations and control.

Walk towards it!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Consecutive August

About August, since 2003 this is the only month consecutively putting some best thing into my life. When I said 2003, that is the time we moved to new house. Best house ever for that time. Again n again I used to say that was happened coincidentally and nothing I planned, but my pals never ever believed me.

A family who resided before was a girl’s family, with whom I had a crush. Following years I don’t exactly remember the best incidents. But on 2009 again I moved to a newly constructed house. This time it was bachelor move, since I’m living apart from my family for studies n job. The same month I met my princess for first time. Though it gone other way, I could say a moments I spent along with her was best and remain as same for ever and ever.

On 2010, I was desperately looking for change, I got an offer letter from a good company. I found more exposure and the first thing that attracted me is the view of the city and sea I can see from the company. Company placed in 9th floor and I love to see from the tilt.

Now 2011, the same amount of work load continued to this month. Then the later part I moved from one head to another. Where they know what additional responsibility I have taken and its nature. Apart from this I found nice things under it. In a row since 2003 again a change happened in August of this year should bring best thing to my life.

I should have told this on my earlier post (July, 2011), once I rushed to get office cab, I was seeing two fellows crossing me near by my house. My mind commented about the one as look how roughly he is walking and the other look like starving poor man. Then I passed on, after few steps I heard some body calling my name. Then I turned around, yes that two fellows are my room mates since January. How my mind could forgot them, I wonder still.

But I know I need some time for it. I started to give some time to my mind. Then now I believe that I’m fine. My expectation about 2012 August is more then my next minute. And of course I should share this, it gave me time to sleep on my maa’s lap, much needed on the end of July.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

July 2011

One of the best months I spent so far in my journey. It never allowed writing or thinking about my past. To be more particular, in this month I myself came to know how workaholic I am. Yes, the additional responsibility I took, temporarily, made me so. There are longest nights in my life so far, this would be a longest month, I can say.

Even in school days I never touch my books on Sundays if Saturday is working day. But now I worked on Saturday and even Sunday in office and home as well. A thing, which always pinches my head, was gone a bit away. No doubts in that, because there is no post I made. Many times I lost my temper, no matter, however my pals know me.

More then 12 hours I spent in office and two to two and half hours on travel. Almost 8 hours 
I sleep, which never enough. I lost outside contacts, had no idea about daily news. Apart from usual hours, mobile slept a lot. I avoided picking up calls since I don’t want to hear anything good or bad, whatever.

Many dreams at night, I remember nothing but very few. I was in school, cycling, sight seeing and a face of princess. I used to think about last night dreams while I’m in cab.
I think again this is my time to access myself. I felt a change with me, it might be good or need to get back. If it is good then I need to practice to keep it with me.

Desperate need is my mom’s lap, to sleep for a while at least.

Monday, April 11, 2011

school Time Story!

Happened before 10 years, at my IX standard, after a combined class of history our section fellows left the class room. On the way to my section, one of my friend said “she looked you merely throughout an hour”.

I asked him ‘who?’, he left after saying her name. But I really don’t know who that girl is. ‘cause that’s how I was in those days. I had no much contact with girls. All day I listened at the girls talk, I expected at least one to call that name, no one did till lunch hour. I can’t eat. But before that evening I found her. Even I don’t know the spelling for her name those days, every day I took the register and I read her spelling of her name.

As usual I started hating Saturdays n Sundays, public holidays. I loved to go school on Saturdays. Every day I followed her, as like a guard, only after she went in to her home, I drove my cycle fast. On February 14th, my cleaver friend felt something strange in my behaviour. My fortunate I got him as a friend, ‘cause he was the best student on those days. His unfortunate, I can say, ‘cause I usually fail in at least a subject. If I concentrate in physics n scored, no more, 40%, I know in maths my score will be 25. ooops! What else again it’s ‘F’ grade.

On the same day, we were sitting in ground, our maths teacher was correcting our midterm test papers, he called my name n asked me ‘you know what you’ve scored in this test?’

As usual I blinked twice n kept looking at him without opening my mouth. He answered himself for his question ‘you scored 45 out of 100’ added more ‘Good, but try to get 60’. I was so happy for that mark. Very next paper was that girl’s, she scored around 90, and she was not happy. Mean while I said things to him.

Cleaver friend smiled at me. He said, “hmm.. Let you do like this, see how much she scored. Try to reach her level, once you reached then you can propose.”

I dropped the plan of Feb 14. But daily I follow her.

One day, after school, she was talking with two of my classmates. I remember what I heard, one among them proposed her few days back. But she refused.

When I went a bit closer; I heard something other fellow was saying, “he is not studying as before, even you know his score previous year n this year”.

Yes, even I know, he’s a good competitor to my cleaver friend in studies n now he’s opponent to me too.

That fellow continued again, ‘he started to booze. Not concentrating in studies, I think you need to ask him why?’

‘Damn, me? Why should I want to ask him, that’s his fate? He should concentrate on his own studies. What can I do? Let me know what he hell I did? If I was in her position I would have replied so.

Now I was very much eager to know her reply.

She turned her eye sight to him (for sure if I was there, I never looked that person) and with a gentle smile she started this way,

“Is it true?”

Oops! that’s really strange n unexpected for me at that age. With gentle tone she started about life, career, n love.

Even then I followed her all the way; I keep sending invitations to accept me as a friend in all the social networks she logged in (before even she knows what is that site is all about). I sent too many emails, she responded to none of them. I really didn’t know when I can propose her. For sure she will ask me at least four questions. I may answer three or I can convince her. I know any one of her question will stuck n throw me down, I mean on those days. Now I can go forward, but I don’t want to disturb her. Many things happened in my life; may be in her life too. I still love her maturity and the way she handled that thing. Recently I apologized for my behaviour. She replied

 ‘There is nothing to ask apology.

How many emails I sent? How many comments I posted? Everything did nothing!!!? ;)

Monday, March 14, 2011

College Zone!

In office, in front of system, heard a conversation between few people,

‘How much you paid as a term fees for your daughter?’ one asked.

Other answered, ‘paid twenty thousand as a term fees and thirty five thousand as donation’.

Another one, ‘Donation huh?’

‘mmm! She didn’t cleared the interview, so … management seat… thirty thousand …’

I know his daughter was three plus years. Interviewing a child, who is learning to speak even. Education system was getting worse and worse every year.

This was happened at my third semester first examination day. No exam tension, I never had since my board exams. Time reached 7.00 A.M. myself and my roommate urged to get the university bus, every bus crossing us was fully occupied and a last by 7.20 A.M we got in to a bus, sorry we travelled in a footboard. After a safety journey, we reached the university, as usual I saw last minute rushes. I bought a pen, black and brown sketches, a scale and my ID. Of course hall ticket I should have brought that, but I haven’t received.
Almost 8.00 A.M I reached the department office, I saw few people standing out side with the books on their hands. I met my faculty,
‘wait outside, we yet to receive instructions from office’ this is the reply I got.

Nothing was in my mind at that time, very few boys and a girl, her eyes were wet and red. She buried her head in to the book to avoid others eyes. Boys’ faces were upset. I heard laughing sound from department. I thought this might be a very usual thing happening every semester.

Time reached 8.25 A.M, that girl dropped her book and sat by dragging herself on the wall, boys occupied the entrance since no faculty allowed them inside, they started giving the oral promises, that they will pay the fees by this evening, some by tomorrow. Some had shown the hot cash that they are had at that moment. Faculty came out side and announced,
‘who all are holding cash or cheque or D.D for fee, come inside and collect your hall tickets and rush to exam hall immediately’.

Many entered into the department eagerly, a faculty shouted as ‘not everyone, only who is holding cash right now … not everyone’.

Last fellow came out and exhaled and ran out. Only very few were standing. Nothing was I’m holding to show them, but wish of my dad I remembered at that moment,

‘you should not go for second attempt in any study, I got failed in maths in my first board exam. That time I don’t want to go for second attempt. You should not take any chance’.

This is the wish as a dad he asked me, no other wish I remember still. I felt that I gonna miss my words. Almost 8.40 A.M, one ma’am came out and whispered to me,

‘they asked us to allow you all to write exam after half an hour, you just prepare for exam’ and she left.

After 9.05 A.M they allowed us to go exam hall, exam hall was at least half kilo meter from department office. Everybody ran out as soon as they asked, no allowed us to write an exam. I walked as still I have more time then any other. But in real everybody had 3.00 hours for the same question paper but we had less then two and half hours.

At last I saved my words. But the question in my mind still is, are they doing service or business. If they agreed that they are doing business not service, still I have a question.

I remember same incident happed in school days. But that time they didn’t allowed because of not paying the current term fees. That’s a fair business. Here we were there to write third semester examination, they punished us for not paying the fourth semester fees, this is not a fair business. I can respect my school as a good trader at least. Thinking about the university, under which manner I can respect them. Hope they are not expecting such thing.

I likely to say, do what ever, service or business. Don’t cover it up with other.