Monday, April 11, 2011

school Time Story!

Happened before 10 years, at my IX standard, after a combined class of history our section fellows left the class room. On the way to my section, one of my friend said “she looked you merely throughout an hour”.

I asked him ‘who?’, he left after saying her name. But I really don’t know who that girl is. ‘cause that’s how I was in those days. I had no much contact with girls. All day I listened at the girls talk, I expected at least one to call that name, no one did till lunch hour. I can’t eat. But before that evening I found her. Even I don’t know the spelling for her name those days, every day I took the register and I read her spelling of her name.

As usual I started hating Saturdays n Sundays, public holidays. I loved to go school on Saturdays. Every day I followed her, as like a guard, only after she went in to her home, I drove my cycle fast. On February 14th, my cleaver friend felt something strange in my behaviour. My fortunate I got him as a friend, ‘cause he was the best student on those days. His unfortunate, I can say, ‘cause I usually fail in at least a subject. If I concentrate in physics n scored, no more, 40%, I know in maths my score will be 25. ooops! What else again it’s ‘F’ grade.

On the same day, we were sitting in ground, our maths teacher was correcting our midterm test papers, he called my name n asked me ‘you know what you’ve scored in this test?’

As usual I blinked twice n kept looking at him without opening my mouth. He answered himself for his question ‘you scored 45 out of 100’ added more ‘Good, but try to get 60’. I was so happy for that mark. Very next paper was that girl’s, she scored around 90, and she was not happy. Mean while I said things to him.

Cleaver friend smiled at me. He said, “hmm.. Let you do like this, see how much she scored. Try to reach her level, once you reached then you can propose.”

I dropped the plan of Feb 14. But daily I follow her.

One day, after school, she was talking with two of my classmates. I remember what I heard, one among them proposed her few days back. But she refused.

When I went a bit closer; I heard something other fellow was saying, “he is not studying as before, even you know his score previous year n this year”.

Yes, even I know, he’s a good competitor to my cleaver friend in studies n now he’s opponent to me too.

That fellow continued again, ‘he started to booze. Not concentrating in studies, I think you need to ask him why?’

‘Damn, me? Why should I want to ask him, that’s his fate? He should concentrate on his own studies. What can I do? Let me know what he hell I did? If I was in her position I would have replied so.

Now I was very much eager to know her reply.

She turned her eye sight to him (for sure if I was there, I never looked that person) and with a gentle smile she started this way,

“Is it true?”

Oops! that’s really strange n unexpected for me at that age. With gentle tone she started about life, career, n love.

Even then I followed her all the way; I keep sending invitations to accept me as a friend in all the social networks she logged in (before even she knows what is that site is all about). I sent too many emails, she responded to none of them. I really didn’t know when I can propose her. For sure she will ask me at least four questions. I may answer three or I can convince her. I know any one of her question will stuck n throw me down, I mean on those days. Now I can go forward, but I don’t want to disturb her. Many things happened in my life; may be in her life too. I still love her maturity and the way she handled that thing. Recently I apologized for my behaviour. She replied

 ‘There is nothing to ask apology.

How many emails I sent? How many comments I posted? Everything did nothing!!!? ;)

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