Monday, March 14, 2011

College Zone!

In office, in front of system, heard a conversation between few people,

‘How much you paid as a term fees for your daughter?’ one asked.

Other answered, ‘paid twenty thousand as a term fees and thirty five thousand as donation’.

Another one, ‘Donation huh?’

‘mmm! She didn’t cleared the interview, so … management seat… thirty thousand …’

I know his daughter was three plus years. Interviewing a child, who is learning to speak even. Education system was getting worse and worse every year.

This was happened at my third semester first examination day. No exam tension, I never had since my board exams. Time reached 7.00 A.M. myself and my roommate urged to get the university bus, every bus crossing us was fully occupied and a last by 7.20 A.M we got in to a bus, sorry we travelled in a footboard. After a safety journey, we reached the university, as usual I saw last minute rushes. I bought a pen, black and brown sketches, a scale and my ID. Of course hall ticket I should have brought that, but I haven’t received.
Almost 8.00 A.M I reached the department office, I saw few people standing out side with the books on their hands. I met my faculty,
‘wait outside, we yet to receive instructions from office’ this is the reply I got.

Nothing was in my mind at that time, very few boys and a girl, her eyes were wet and red. She buried her head in to the book to avoid others eyes. Boys’ faces were upset. I heard laughing sound from department. I thought this might be a very usual thing happening every semester.

Time reached 8.25 A.M, that girl dropped her book and sat by dragging herself on the wall, boys occupied the entrance since no faculty allowed them inside, they started giving the oral promises, that they will pay the fees by this evening, some by tomorrow. Some had shown the hot cash that they are had at that moment. Faculty came out side and announced,
‘who all are holding cash or cheque or D.D for fee, come inside and collect your hall tickets and rush to exam hall immediately’.

Many entered into the department eagerly, a faculty shouted as ‘not everyone, only who is holding cash right now … not everyone’.

Last fellow came out and exhaled and ran out. Only very few were standing. Nothing was I’m holding to show them, but wish of my dad I remembered at that moment,

‘you should not go for second attempt in any study, I got failed in maths in my first board exam. That time I don’t want to go for second attempt. You should not take any chance’.

This is the wish as a dad he asked me, no other wish I remember still. I felt that I gonna miss my words. Almost 8.40 A.M, one ma’am came out and whispered to me,

‘they asked us to allow you all to write exam after half an hour, you just prepare for exam’ and she left.

After 9.05 A.M they allowed us to go exam hall, exam hall was at least half kilo meter from department office. Everybody ran out as soon as they asked, no allowed us to write an exam. I walked as still I have more time then any other. But in real everybody had 3.00 hours for the same question paper but we had less then two and half hours.

At last I saved my words. But the question in my mind still is, are they doing service or business. If they agreed that they are doing business not service, still I have a question.

I remember same incident happed in school days. But that time they didn’t allowed because of not paying the current term fees. That’s a fair business. Here we were there to write third semester examination, they punished us for not paying the fourth semester fees, this is not a fair business. I can respect my school as a good trader at least. Thinking about the university, under which manner I can respect them. Hope they are not expecting such thing.

I likely to say, do what ever, service or business. Don’t cover it up with other.

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