Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank You 2010!

2010... Whatever, it’s the best part of my life. Many years I travelled with a smile n cry as a part, still 2010 is more special among everything. I started with perplexity, by searching a certainty. Huge part of misery happened from very beginning. actually was continued at the begining. Best part is, still it’s there.

Too many explanations, promises, eventual words n tears. Tears rolled out unkowingly, even in a crowded train, in auto without any hesitation.

It's hard to find someone who can cry like us for our problem, when we know that we should let them go, that's more hard to make it with smile. This is one among the reason for reserve. In very second month I can feel the distance, but on grace(!) it was confirmed on third month.

Remain reserved for 5 months, bald even. No calls, meet no one. Connected all the dots. Office... Room.. movie.. Sleep.. Cry.. Connect.. Movie.. again office.. room. Nothing there to blame, it happened. All the dots were connected, still few remains unconnected, called exceptions.

Everyone dream about everything, company included. I got into such a company. That too happened like an accident. Can say it's a gift of 'SOMEONE'. To avoid meeting with 'someone' I engaged myself.

Still 2010 Gave me many things, brought me many moments after long, long time.

Had Pannir soda after 10 yrs, Thanks Suren!

Crab after 15 yrs, Thanks Packi!

And got reply from a girl, I adore first, that too after 8 yrs… Thanks for (your) reply!

My Mom crossed her 50th birthday, Never free your hold from me maa.

Cried like anything for many days, after 7yrs.. Nothing there to blame anyONE!

Too many trips, Kallaar, Ooty, Yercaud-Ooty, Kumbakonam-srivanjiyam, n at last our spot ''DEAD END'.

Then this is the third year end I'm speading with my best buddy Suren.

Got too many usual reason for, usual S-mileeee…!!!!

Too many things, loads n loads of stuff, kinda finishing a 5yrs course in a year ;)
Thanks 2010…

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