Saturday, October 23, 2010

On Her Birthday!

Today is her birthday. I’m … sorry we are still in a bed, nothing fishy; I came late from office yesterday. Even last morning I planned to be on time but I missed ‘cause of my work. Strange thing is I received not even a single call from her to remind me. She is still in deep sleep. I want to make something to surprise her.

Still remember her first birthday since we met … mmm .. But at that time we were just below as friends and a point above as strangers. At office a day before her birthday, she came and said that ‘tomorrow is my birthday, will you get me some chocolates’

I was like to ask ‘why should I?’

But she continued not even waiting for my answer ‘without nuts, I’m in diet. Will you? You should’

I smiled at her by nodding.

She continued again, ‘will you call me at 12, … … … ‘cause I like people wishing on  12’

What I can say, again with the same smile I nodded again.

‘mmm’ she said with that smile. I still remember that smile.

I knew few guys proposed her and one who tortured her by messaging daily to accept his proposal. I’m wondering still why this girl wants to be a friend of me. I remember nothing special I did to her since our first meet.

Now, cot is bit disturbing, I think she is awake. I turn around to her side, we are facing our faces close enough.

I, ‘sorry da’

With a smile, ‘mmm… then’

‘then… tell me what I can do for my princess on this special day’

by inhaling deeply and moved her hair back 'you're doing daily'

'Daily?? what??'

‘Why you are doing clean shave daily, even shaving your mustache?’



I reach her lips by holding her hands tightly down. Without any option she tried to push 
me with her lips. A minute … again other … one another … I let her free.

I ‘hope you got the answer’

‘poda, you are killing me’

This is the sentence she used to say since my first kiss. I said nothing ‘cause after that I’m dead always like a male spider.

‘okay loose, sorry I really missed’

‘nothing to say, you always do this even before marriage. You usually miss my call and you never used to call me.’

‘You should have called me yesterday’

By looking at me merely, she puts her hands on my cheek and wipes my lips with thumb, 

‘I born everyday now, every minute is special.’

I kissed her forehead. What precious I can gift to this precious? Her words really have its meaning, ‘you are killing me’ and ‘I born every day now’.

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