Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Times in rest room!

It’s totally disgusting. For all this might be over reacting, but it’s my pain. Now I have things what one need at this age, my career, my pay and everything. Still it’s aching, I missed something. That’s what I said long time back “if money is my only problem I would have been keep on crying since I heard the word money”.

I ever felt bad for even at the time my pay was low. All I knew I‘ll reach my goal. Even after graduation, I wandered like a dog for a simple job; even that time my status update was ‘sharpening my AXE’. Damn now I felt very bad about myself. I cried n cried enough for more than half year, still I feel the pain at every night. I ever had a though that I’ll go lonely again. I’m okay now and all time unless hear those words … unless I met, I don’t know what’s happening, might be nervous, fear, crumple … stuck up … thirst … killing me in simple. I don’t know why I’m still struggling.

Please someone help me to come out of this … I'm struggling to sleep all nights ...

How she is expecting me to talk casually, even as soon as I received any chat message from her I’m running to rest room and I cry enough then I get back to my job. Even today!

Do you thing I’m coward?

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