Sunday, November 25, 2012

Feel the feel to be together!

This morning, from terrace I was watching my neighbor playing with stray dogs. Two to three dogs are happily running around him and jumping and tying his legs. He was feeding them the biscuits.

After few minutes I realized that his actual intention is not feeding those dogs. His own dog gone out of his house and he was trying to get it back home. When he tried to call his dog others are coming towards him and getting those biscuits and jumping up on him but his own dog was not even thinking about coming near to him.

Most of the human relations are this way. When we more care about someone, at some point we may feel like they are showing no care as we do. Then we started hating them. We feel like calling them as selfish, they backstabbed us.

The fact is, we like them, to show that we care them and we try to keep a hold on them. In return we started expecting same care and hold from them. Without any request we offered them the care and no sense in expecting the same from them.

The problem is not with the dogs, it’s with us. That dog gets biscuits and enough of food on time, everyday but it loves to be free like those stray dogs. But those dogs eat hardly, sleep under sunny. If that fellow tied up one of that stray dog in his house instead of his own one, after few months even that dog will do the same to him. Though he cares more n feed everything, he is a master, human, not a dog. A dog needs other dog, in this matter.

In any relation you can be possessive but never try to hold them strongly, that will never hurt them. It’ll hurt you more.

Try to understand there is a world after you and me. Everybody loves to go there with everyone. Respect their feelings, thoughts, let them be free.

Anyone can be together with anyone, if we follow compassion. Try understanding that how we want them to be only with us and only for us, they might have some other feel for something. If we can’t feel the feel of other, our expectations with them are bosh.
Do we ever want our own children to play only with us, talk and smile only with us?

If anybody feels bad that I compared human relation with dogs, I’m not gonna ask sorry for that, but this is how I see all n everything. Everyone as soul, not like any government, if a dog get hurt on road it’s not even consider as incident. This is usual for them, but when comes to man, they see it as accident, murder n ends as incident after few years.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why did I cry?

March 22, 2002 – I would have cried for at least six to seven hours. The reason was my dad passed away. I was fifteen and all I knew that time was everyone have to die …. may be sooner or later. Then what made my eyes shed that much of tears?
I know the reason was not just because he was dead.
Sometime in 2009, I cried all night and I even felt my dad was with me to console me. But this time my eyes let that same tears for a girl, we were in love and for some reason she wants to break our relationship. That girl was still alive and I know any time I can meet her, talk to her and she can get back to me. Still I was crying like the world was going to end after that night.
The reason I realize in was that she is not going to be with me as we were before. That was the almost the same way as how I felt on 2002, March. I cried not because he was dead but because my daddy will not be there for me… not with me ANYMORE….
Whenever I tend to cry or suffer or be sad, people say this is your life, live it. If I am happy and cheerful, they say I’m enjoying my life. Be it whether I am sad or cheerful, I am living my life and not doing anything else. In our plates, salty, bitter and sour foods are served along with sweets. If only sweet makes us feel good, why do we have too many taste buds in our tongue?
I do everything knowingly and at times even without caring who are all around and what they will think. I never regret, instead question myself “why”?
Realizing things always brings wisdom and not just simply knowing everything.
Mistake teaches lesson and lessons in turn gives us knowledge and this leads one to be wealthy, but wherein wealth might end up only just as a pressure if the realization doesn’t take place at any stage in this cycle, like why I did the mistakes? Or why does knowledge lead me to wealth? Or at least why I am wealthy?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Best Thing of All to a Girl

In the recent times, my close friend gave me a CD to check as it cannot be read in his laptop. The disk content is about the grand function that was carried out for his cousin who has just entered into the puberty phase and turned mature. Unfortunately my writer not only read and but played it too. For the First six minutes, the girl seems to be dressed up in different attires like modern, ethnic and so on. The video seems to play for another one hour.

As soon as the first six minutes got over, a question rose in my mind ‘what kind of act was that, that too by her parents?’

I see that as a photo shoot of a model or an actress. There is nothing wrong with that. Their profession is so. But the question is, “Will they allow the same girl, if she likes to do such a photo-shoot after five or six years?”  They do distribute the CDs to their relatives and others proudly now. 

One good reason that seems to fit is that at her marriageable age, others may get a doubt whether the girl is matured or not. My question is” Why the hell these people are not worried/concerned about the boys?”

In olden days, these kind of functions was to invite boy's family by saying that the  girl is ready for marriage as in those days they do marriages at an early age of ten or thirteen. The girl will be isolated from the family and she will be given a separate place to live for the next 14 days. During these days, she will be having separate utensils, bedspreads, etc. Elders will teach her how to stay hygienic. Nobody in the family will use those utensils utilized by the girl. After 14 days, a grand function will be arranged and all the relatives and friends will be invited to perform customary practices. Then the girl will be invited back into the family. This is most likely to remind the child that she is no more a child for some medical and psychological reasons.

In the recent days, we have customized this function as per our convenience and moreover recent day girls know about this well before and it’d be better if parents discuss with them instead of making and distributing CDs.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Revolution, so & so

When leadership messed up with dictatorship, can expect a BOOM. Wherever I hear a term revolution a image that can see from my mind is red roads, guns firing and people with guns (not military). One old man has changed the trend, he is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He became the voice of 350 million. All the millions reacted for his action. A great strategic leader wasted in the name of non-violence. Though he is not a founder of it, he innovated the way of using it against anything. Apart from satyagraha he knew the strategy building.

A 52 years old man took leadership of the Indian National Congress after Gopal Krishnan Gokhale. As it founded by Indian and British members of the Theosophical society (Adyar, Chennai- so the origin of INC is TN) there is no talk about Indian independence by INC until 1930. After 10 years INC declared the Indian independence. Later his move against British was tremulous. He took control of millions of people, made them to come out of their routine and taught to fight without any weapon against weapons. Without any IT connection he connects each and everyone by travelling throughout India.

ISRO is under a direct control of PM, where Manmohan singh has no idea about the scam of two hundred thousand crore. Then about 2G – no paper can go without crossing PM’s table for his signature however again he has no idea about what happened and where it gone wrong.

Then one man cannot be ignored, Netaji. Before going into him a word by Michael Edwardes, the distinguished British historian,

"Only one outstanding personality of India took a different and violent path, and in a sense India owes more to him than to any other man"

He is the man who travels almost half of the world to form an army for liberty. His famous motto is ‘Give me blood and I will give you freedom’.

He was also with INC and elected as leader twice consecutively. However he resigned the post due to the conflict with M.K. Gandhi. Then formed the new party called All India Forward Bloc and continued to call for full and immediate freedom. He merely waited for to take an advantage of British weakness. In that concern he met Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and Imperial Japan. After all he formed INA in Japan with the Indian prisoners of war, plantation workers from British Malaya, Singapore and southern Asia

Current president did, Prathibha Patil (INC party) spent 205 corers for travel 22 different nations.

Then the other name of revolution is he himself, Che Guevara, was  was an Argentine-Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, intellectualguerrilla leader, diplomat and military theorist. At age of 22 he started travelling throughout Latin America, that travel showed him the economic inequality, the result of capitalism, monopolism, neocolonialism and imperialism. Only remedy he sees at the time is WORLD REVOLUTION.

He was born in Argentina however he fought for Cuba, Congo and so on. He lived as a man without any boundaries.

Novartis (Switzerland based Pharmaceuticals Company) has raised a patent issue that particular cancer drug should not be manufacture in India as it owned the whole right. The issue is with the Indian Supreme Court. (cost of the drug manufacture in India Rs. 90 however the drug from Swiss cost Rs.1000). The persons arguing in favor of Novartis are P. Chidambaram (current minister of home affairs), Gopal Subramaniam (Former Solicitor General of India – the second most important law officer of the country after attorney general).

Over night one can not have a sibling. There should be parents still alive and they need some time to be with each other. Moreover love and chemistry should sustain between them. After all should wait for at least ten month.

Then how revolution can expect with a little emotion called anger? Every revolution that world experienced so far are started as panic and roadside talk. There is no proper base or strategy at the beginning however always there is reason called bad leadership.
If a group of 15 is talking about a change, at least 5 can expect to react after talk. At last one can continue the action and can form a group of hundreds and thousands world wide.

Revolution begins this way, at least start talking!!!
“Fear leads you to kill, Anger to REVOLUTION”

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oops Professionalism

Professionalism – polished shoe, formal pant, formal shirt, tucked. Tie, should match with shirt. Then of course the belt again should match with the shoe color. If there is a meeting then suit is mandatory. Clean shave or trimmed. These show one as professional with the appearance (here we are talking about the professionalism in appearance alone).

Do one who works near an oven can wear all these stuffs (of course they are not and not expected) then why the HELL that people living in an oven are expected to be like this. This is the reason blog named as ‘Oops Professionalism’.

It may look odd if every one wears sweater, leather jack (like a detective in 80’s film), monkey cap and tight scarf on neck at work place. Hence people in cool countries like UK and US designed a suit and other things. It’s a ninth wonder why the oven countries are like to follow the same dress code, where already people are boiling daily.

Dressing is purely based on culture. Culture is not the one from heaven or hell, it’s the practice that every human started following according to the place and climatic conditions they live.

Another best thing is table manners, eating all nonsense with spoon and fork. Again people lives in minus degree temperature don’t love to keep their hands in water. To avoid such they are using spoon, knife and fork. Then what is the necessary for those who living in oven? They can maintain their body temperature by having contact with water quite often like washing hands before and after. Indus valley (now it’s India) people are (were) the cleanest people and they take bath every day.

Whatever, do and follow things that are comfortable. That is stupid if we follow and practice because people in developed countries are doing.

One last thing, culture is the identity if it’s lost we can never get back. Though we don’t want to practice our own culture try at least to preserve it, don’t destroy it.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beginning of the beginning

Today is just another day. Nothing is new, same twenty four hours. However why that all need to take a resolution today?

If it’s good why the hell that needs to wait for this day to come and take a decision and do, do it immediately. Then if it’s bad let it go away as soon as realized so.

There are special days for everyone separately because some thing special might happen on that day. However today we can do something that makes us feel happy and keep this day as special as far as you can.

Happy New Year!!!