Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why did I cry?

March 22, 2002 – I would have cried for at least six to seven hours. The reason was my dad passed away. I was fifteen and all I knew that time was everyone have to die …. may be sooner or later. Then what made my eyes shed that much of tears?
I know the reason was not just because he was dead.
Sometime in 2009, I cried all night and I even felt my dad was with me to console me. But this time my eyes let that same tears for a girl, we were in love and for some reason she wants to break our relationship. That girl was still alive and I know any time I can meet her, talk to her and she can get back to me. Still I was crying like the world was going to end after that night.
The reason I realize in was that she is not going to be with me as we were before. That was the almost the same way as how I felt on 2002, March. I cried not because he was dead but because my daddy will not be there for me… not with me ANYMORE….
Whenever I tend to cry or suffer or be sad, people say this is your life, live it. If I am happy and cheerful, they say I’m enjoying my life. Be it whether I am sad or cheerful, I am living my life and not doing anything else. In our plates, salty, bitter and sour foods are served along with sweets. If only sweet makes us feel good, why do we have too many taste buds in our tongue?
I do everything knowingly and at times even without caring who are all around and what they will think. I never regret, instead question myself “why”?
Realizing things always brings wisdom and not just simply knowing everything.
Mistake teaches lesson and lessons in turn gives us knowledge and this leads one to be wealthy, but wherein wealth might end up only just as a pressure if the realization doesn’t take place at any stage in this cycle, like why I did the mistakes? Or why does knowledge lead me to wealth? Or at least why I am wealthy?

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