Saturday, August 4, 2012

Best Thing of All to a Girl

In the recent times, my close friend gave me a CD to check as it cannot be read in his laptop. The disk content is about the grand function that was carried out for his cousin who has just entered into the puberty phase and turned mature. Unfortunately my writer not only read and but played it too. For the First six minutes, the girl seems to be dressed up in different attires like modern, ethnic and so on. The video seems to play for another one hour.

As soon as the first six minutes got over, a question rose in my mind ‘what kind of act was that, that too by her parents?’

I see that as a photo shoot of a model or an actress. There is nothing wrong with that. Their profession is so. But the question is, “Will they allow the same girl, if she likes to do such a photo-shoot after five or six years?”  They do distribute the CDs to their relatives and others proudly now. 

One good reason that seems to fit is that at her marriageable age, others may get a doubt whether the girl is matured or not. My question is” Why the hell these people are not worried/concerned about the boys?”

In olden days, these kind of functions was to invite boy's family by saying that the  girl is ready for marriage as in those days they do marriages at an early age of ten or thirteen. The girl will be isolated from the family and she will be given a separate place to live for the next 14 days. During these days, she will be having separate utensils, bedspreads, etc. Elders will teach her how to stay hygienic. Nobody in the family will use those utensils utilized by the girl. After 14 days, a grand function will be arranged and all the relatives and friends will be invited to perform customary practices. Then the girl will be invited back into the family. This is most likely to remind the child that she is no more a child for some medical and psychological reasons.

In the recent days, we have customized this function as per our convenience and moreover recent day girls know about this well before and it’d be better if parents discuss with them instead of making and distributing CDs.


  1. Well said.. more than anything else.. it has become a platform for a Girl's parents to showoff their wealth.. more like a competition within their relatives.. Infact, there are people who borrow money at higher interest just to make sure this function is labelled as "Grand" by others!!!

  2. Thanks for adding your thoughts here.. We are not exactly practicing the thing but we are just following on our convenient so missing the significance of our ancient procedures. It'd be better if we know the significance and change the procedure as per this era.

    Best I'd start from my side :) Hope you too, as you already have one in hand ;)