Saturday, July 19, 2014

Never Sacrifice!

I remember once after proposal and acceptance we met in a restaurant to talk further. She asked me to take non-vegetarian meal though she doesn't like but I refused n took veg. After meal while we were returning she asked me, ‘why you didn't take non-veg meal... are you sacrificing your preference for me?’

‘Ah! Is it so?’


‘Alright, if I offer you an apple n ice cream what will you choose?’

‘mmm... of course I go for ice cream’

‘huh, so you sacrifice an apple, don’t you?

‘Hey.. no, it’s... ... !’

Before she completes, ‘That’s how... I didn't n 'll never sacrifice anything for you.. .... I choose you out of everything...’

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Complete Trade!

I have never seen a teacher they are wholesalers!
I never educated but got a material to sell!
I never learned how to lead my life but how to market myself!
I’m not in any place to enrich my knowledge – But
I’m in a market
I refined the articles there in the text books and showcasing my ability
It’s an auction happening over my buried dreams!
E very school is a wholesale market!
Every child is a retailer!
Every company is customer!
Everywhere it’s all just a trade!