Thursday, July 17, 2014

Complete Trade!

I have never seen a teacher they are wholesalers!
I never educated but got a material to sell!
I never learned how to lead my life but how to market myself!
I’m not in any place to enrich my knowledge – But
I’m in a market
I refined the articles there in the text books and showcasing my ability
It’s an auction happening over my buried dreams!
E very school is a wholesale market!
Every child is a retailer!
Every company is customer!
Everywhere it’s all just a trade!


  1. by the way.. the total money my parents spent for my KG to UG was less than Rs.25000... i paid 75000 as donation to my daughter's LKG seat !!! it was less since i had gone with a recommendation.. good trade uh!!!

    1. You paid lesser than someone but what will you get in return decides good trade.. So it is not yet decided Mr. Raghav..