Saturday, November 16, 2013

Best Judge!

In a social network at the time when most of the people are talking about Sachin Tendulkar retirement I came across a note comparing him with Imran Khan, as Sachin Tendulkar built own house for millions and billions where Imran built free cancer institution. After reading this note something stroked me, we all are earning enough have we ever compared ourselves with Mr.Kalayanasundaram, a librarian who donated his 30 years salary and even his pension amount to needy.

Have we ever tried to donate something from our every month salary? We would have 150 CC or 180 CC bikes which may cost 80K or 90K. Why is that we haven’t gone for XL super which cost only less than 20 thousand. So the rest we could have donated. So when we compare ourselves with Kalayanasundaram we should not even celebrate festivals and even our birthdays.

Here this man Sachin Tendulkar he worked for his passion and he achieved something that may take century to reach for anyone. So his retirement is celebrated by most of the cricket lovers. Then they are recognizing a player and this is not an event for social service and in that event Imran Khan may get better applause then Sachin and moreover we don’t know what Sachin Tendulkar contributed to needy.

We easily say they are wrong and these are right but we never judge ourselves and that’s the time we go completely wrong.  Every night we will not sleep as soon as we fall on bed (to sleep). It would be better if we recall the whole day from morning till the time we fell on bed what we have done and what went rightly and what really went wrong, what is our contribution to those beautiful right moments and the wrong moments instead of thinking anything.

Most importantly we should forgive ourselves for the mistakes we have did and very most important is make sure that we should never repeat the same mistake.

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