Sunday, November 25, 2012

Feel the feel to be together!

This morning, from terrace I was watching my neighbor playing with stray dogs. Two to three dogs are happily running around him and jumping and tying his legs. He was feeding them the biscuits.

After few minutes I realized that his actual intention is not feeding those dogs. His own dog gone out of his house and he was trying to get it back home. When he tried to call his dog others are coming towards him and getting those biscuits and jumping up on him but his own dog was not even thinking about coming near to him.

Most of the human relations are this way. When we more care about someone, at some point we may feel like they are showing no care as we do. Then we started hating them. We feel like calling them as selfish, they backstabbed us.

The fact is, we like them, to show that we care them and we try to keep a hold on them. In return we started expecting same care and hold from them. Without any request we offered them the care and no sense in expecting the same from them.

The problem is not with the dogs, it’s with us. That dog gets biscuits and enough of food on time, everyday but it loves to be free like those stray dogs. But those dogs eat hardly, sleep under sunny. If that fellow tied up one of that stray dog in his house instead of his own one, after few months even that dog will do the same to him. Though he cares more n feed everything, he is a master, human, not a dog. A dog needs other dog, in this matter.

In any relation you can be possessive but never try to hold them strongly, that will never hurt them. It’ll hurt you more.

Try to understand there is a world after you and me. Everybody loves to go there with everyone. Respect their feelings, thoughts, let them be free.

Anyone can be together with anyone, if we follow compassion. Try understanding that how we want them to be only with us and only for us, they might have some other feel for something. If we can’t feel the feel of other, our expectations with them are bosh.
Do we ever want our own children to play only with us, talk and smile only with us?

If anybody feels bad that I compared human relation with dogs, I’m not gonna ask sorry for that, but this is how I see all n everything. Everyone as soul, not like any government, if a dog get hurt on road it’s not even consider as incident. This is usual for them, but when comes to man, they see it as accident, murder n ends as incident after few years.

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