Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oops Professionalism

Professionalism – polished shoe, formal pant, formal shirt, tucked. Tie, should match with shirt. Then of course the belt again should match with the shoe color. If there is a meeting then suit is mandatory. Clean shave or trimmed. These show one as professional with the appearance (here we are talking about the professionalism in appearance alone).

Do one who works near an oven can wear all these stuffs (of course they are not and not expected) then why the HELL that people living in an oven are expected to be like this. This is the reason blog named as ‘Oops Professionalism’.

It may look odd if every one wears sweater, leather jack (like a detective in 80’s film), monkey cap and tight scarf on neck at work place. Hence people in cool countries like UK and US designed a suit and other things. It’s a ninth wonder why the oven countries are like to follow the same dress code, where already people are boiling daily.

Dressing is purely based on culture. Culture is not the one from heaven or hell, it’s the practice that every human started following according to the place and climatic conditions they live.

Another best thing is table manners, eating all nonsense with spoon and fork. Again people lives in minus degree temperature don’t love to keep their hands in water. To avoid such they are using spoon, knife and fork. Then what is the necessary for those who living in oven? They can maintain their body temperature by having contact with water quite often like washing hands before and after. Indus valley (now it’s India) people are (were) the cleanest people and they take bath every day.

Whatever, do and follow things that are comfortable. That is stupid if we follow and practice because people in developed countries are doing.

One last thing, culture is the identity if it’s lost we can never get back. Though we don’t want to practice our own culture try at least to preserve it, don’t destroy it.

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  1. well said.. unfortunately the booming IT / ITES sector looks professionalism only in dress / table manners.. but full of venom when it comes to mind / thinking