Sunday, August 7, 2011

July 2011

One of the best months I spent so far in my journey. It never allowed writing or thinking about my past. To be more particular, in this month I myself came to know how workaholic I am. Yes, the additional responsibility I took, temporarily, made me so. There are longest nights in my life so far, this would be a longest month, I can say.

Even in school days I never touch my books on Sundays if Saturday is working day. But now I worked on Saturday and even Sunday in office and home as well. A thing, which always pinches my head, was gone a bit away. No doubts in that, because there is no post I made. Many times I lost my temper, no matter, however my pals know me.

More then 12 hours I spent in office and two to two and half hours on travel. Almost 8 hours 
I sleep, which never enough. I lost outside contacts, had no idea about daily news. Apart from usual hours, mobile slept a lot. I avoided picking up calls since I don’t want to hear anything good or bad, whatever.

Many dreams at night, I remember nothing but very few. I was in school, cycling, sight seeing and a face of princess. I used to think about last night dreams while I’m in cab.
I think again this is my time to access myself. I felt a change with me, it might be good or need to get back. If it is good then I need to practice to keep it with me.

Desperate need is my mom’s lap, to sleep for a while at least.

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