Sunday, September 11, 2011

Consecutive August

About August, since 2003 this is the only month consecutively putting some best thing into my life. When I said 2003, that is the time we moved to new house. Best house ever for that time. Again n again I used to say that was happened coincidentally and nothing I planned, but my pals never ever believed me.

A family who resided before was a girl’s family, with whom I had a crush. Following years I don’t exactly remember the best incidents. But on 2009 again I moved to a newly constructed house. This time it was bachelor move, since I’m living apart from my family for studies n job. The same month I met my princess for first time. Though it gone other way, I could say a moments I spent along with her was best and remain as same for ever and ever.

On 2010, I was desperately looking for change, I got an offer letter from a good company. I found more exposure and the first thing that attracted me is the view of the city and sea I can see from the company. Company placed in 9th floor and I love to see from the tilt.

Now 2011, the same amount of work load continued to this month. Then the later part I moved from one head to another. Where they know what additional responsibility I have taken and its nature. Apart from this I found nice things under it. In a row since 2003 again a change happened in August of this year should bring best thing to my life.

I should have told this on my earlier post (July, 2011), once I rushed to get office cab, I was seeing two fellows crossing me near by my house. My mind commented about the one as look how roughly he is walking and the other look like starving poor man. Then I passed on, after few steps I heard some body calling my name. Then I turned around, yes that two fellows are my room mates since January. How my mind could forgot them, I wonder still.

But I know I need some time for it. I started to give some time to my mind. Then now I believe that I’m fine. My expectation about 2012 August is more then my next minute. And of course I should share this, it gave me time to sleep on my maa’s lap, much needed on the end of July.

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