Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Tears!

What you do if someone ready to give certain sum amount..?

What is your dream… passion… future plan… what you want to be, where you want to stand after 10 years…? Don’t you know Lakshmi Mittal, Bill Gates, Ambani, Mark Zuckerberg. Don’t you want to be like them…? How far are you…?

We are ready to be a slave, rather then building our own kingdom and becoming a king. Well suited comment for people working with MNC or corporate.

How many of us know a 70 year old man who plants a tree daily and maintaining it, fertilizing them. Doesn’t he know that he won’t be there to enjoy any benefit of his work. There are such people around us they never want to write their name on the tree they planted, never want anyone to thank while they are standing under such trees for shadow, as like we take breath without counting. Do we count how many breath we took today..?

Passion or dream is like our breath, that’s ours, based on each individual. I’m not sure earlier listed people achieved their dreams or not, even they might not be sure. They are still fighting and why we need to set them as our target and struggle to achieve their goals when everyone can dream and have their own capability to build own passion.

Some might be passion towards photography, go on and click. Some love to watch movie, when some love to make it. Some bounded by commitments and do job to fulfill, then they go behind their passion. Even after 40 some times. Age is not at all matters here. No meaning in calling them as slaves, slaves don’t even have right to say that they’re slaves. If they say that, their master might say you’re not a slave you’re a shit. We all have freedom and we bounded with our own company policies, which we should’ve read before joining. Many never do and keep on blaming the company. We are free to move out of company we work today and can go to any company we like. No slave has such thing, then that too includes in FREEDOM.

Investing time on a stone or metal or plastic then earning and earning, keep on doing strategy plan to earn more. Getting a name in a list published by some magazine is passion, then move on with it. Counting gives pleasure only until we count.

Passion differs to each individual. That cannot be plant by seeing neighbor land harvest. Here each soil is different.

We are struggle to be like another man rather then being or building ourselves. It looks like making photocopy. Anywhere original only speaks not duplicates.

Don’t ever put others questions in your mind, because that is their problem. Above questions are someone’s they are asking to us and we are forgetting our question and puzzling with their problems by considering it as us. This is like a dominos effect; just a simple push on a domino makes all others to fall rapidly. Do you remember anyone asking you ‘don’t you want to be like a Vivekananda or Che guevara..?’. Hope no one, because that is more difficult. That should make happen with in us, which are purely towards inner. Where outer all are running behind money with pocket full and they want everyone to do so. Never end!

It’s right if you ask your questions to yourself. Keep on asking, once you find an answer ‘ENOUGH’ for all questions. Only one question remain unanswered that is

‘Why I’m here..?’

If you find the answer, don’t ever try to explain to other, again that’s your individual question and its own answer. That never suits to others. Your explanation might give a chance to them to think that you’re mad.

If any two people who find the answer for their last question meet, they will have nothing to speak only happy tears falls from each of their eyes.

It’s absolutely unnecessary that one’s passion should know by others , no need to throw light on it. Do which brings such happy tears, without any limitations and control.

Walk towards it!

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