Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dominoes Effect

How a simple man is turning into god and very soon as scoundrel.
If a man declaring himself as a god, not just one who visits him, always it’s in large number. In that crowd one or two may coincidently get heal or good things may start happening, most of the time they started to assuming after they attend the meeting or bajan or mass prayer, whatever.

They would say this to their neighbor or relatives. That message will linked to various situations and end up with good stories to media. As like, a normal death of a person linked to the election results and the party who lost in the pool tries to maintain the standard.

Another best example is play of dominos, when one get hits it pushes every other and rapid fall will happen.

As simple as dominoes effect, simple guru is becoming a GOD. Actually they are not turning; we are making them, assuming them as everything.

We may go to karate classes, music classes and mostly to school, ever we keep their photos in home and do prayer every day. No idea why it’s happening when some one teaches yoga or preaches any religious things.

A god is a god and described as he/she or whatever (no problem in that at least) have no weakness, no guilty and no wishes.

When we come to know that they too have a weakness, everyone call them as scoundrel, cheater.

It’s obvious that when we get everything granted we will try to fulfill all our wishes. It is a very common human nature. When everyone thinks about one that whatever he/she says and does are right and precious. They’ll do exactly ‘whatever’. If ‘that’ whatever is not liked by a set of people then the recent god turns into cheater.
In fact, people whoever has no full faith in god and looking for an instant up in life creating such instant gods and ends up in court and media. Anyway a 'that' god will return, without any doubt.

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