Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You Taught Me!

I've slept on your chest till twelve
I was scared at the crowded bus
Holding your hands always brings the courage
I have seen the love between you and mom
Not any cinema taught me to love my girl.. It’s you...
Every morning mom kisses you on your forehead
I see n blush
You notice me.. Hit me on head n laugh
You know that I love you.. But
I’ve never told you that I too love chocolates
I love if you get me before I get into the school bus
I love jeans... but I’ve never asked you one...
I knew how much you struggled to pay my school fees...
I know I was not even loyal to that
I fail... I fail... I fail...
I have never met your expectation...
I score below average
At that age I can’t earn
So I caged all my wishes..
The day you left us all alone
More than in tears I was in a fear whole day
I felt like everyone around there was to whack me
Until I never knew that we have been paying for the electricity we use
About telephone bills we paid...
I have to take care maa.. All I promised to myself that day!
I know you won’t light up when I’m in dark
You have taught me to light up the dark...


  1. Happy to see you writing something apart from the normal stuff.. but again you are into the "Sad" mode.. you seem to like dwelling in the past.. Leave the past.. atleast now you try to understand who is trying to be true to you.. who is willing to reciprocate... rather than getting hurt again and again!!!

  2. what do you know abt my past??? I know ppl.. I know who is true to me.. always.. again n again?? what the fuck you know?? will you pls shut your thing..

  3. Nice and Thanks for your note my friend..

    1) I thought you would delete my comment.. the fact that you did not do that itself shows that you still have something in you about the so called friendship we shared in the PAST (according to you)

    2) Am telling you again my dear Friend and hope you know atleast something about me if not fully... dont ever react to me in a stupid way like this.. am trying to help you.. i dont want to see you going back to ur past life (a collection of super videos you have shared in you tube with all sorts of sad look.. Life is not that bad and you need to be matured enough.. Happiness is not only about smiling outside.. i have always wanted you to smile from inside..

    If at all you think that i have not been true in our relationship... then its your perception my dear friend... if thats the case.. i will be there in ur PAST life again...

    Time to think Mr.Chitran.. not just pass on days with mountains of sadness!!! Time to choose a right path.. Repeating.. dont use such words to me.. does not sound good for the relationship we had (according to you again)

  4. And understand that you have not been true to me.. You have not disclosed so many things.. i raised this as a concern only when you started showing face unnecessarily.. thats the kind of respect i have..

    And what? You know who is true to you always??? my foot.. if thats the case why the hell are you writing sad poems... always??????

    Unmai enanu theriadha madhiri nadikadhinga sir.. engalukum pesa therium...

  5. Remember i told you that i see you as my family member.. and you said you were in tears when i said that... are you going to deny this????

    and even after you hiding an entire episode.. my one comment has bothered you so much!! this is how you treat ur family member and say i know who is true!!!! Excellent!!!