Thursday, July 22, 2010

What makes you to think about your marriage?

  • I think I’m aged.

  • All my friends are married.
    (Do you know what they felt when seeing a single like you?)

  • My parents are compelling me so I have to.

  • My relatives are asking my mom why I’m still single.

Is these are the reasons behind your marriage.

Then it’s obvious that you and your partner have to sacrifice things after marriage.

The reason behind your marriage should be LOVE.

If you have a question like this,
how can I select my pair by going against my mom?
I have a question for you. If in any case your mom’s father and your father are in squabble, on which side your mom stands. If you don’t have answer, here it is your father’s side. Simple! It doesn’t mean that she is not loving her father. If you ask the same thing to grand or great grand mother you’ll get only this answer. Life is a gift from your parents. I do agree! And I don’t want to sacrifice it even for them.

If you have a question like this, my dad spends for my studies, my dad bought me dresses, my mom feds me. They can choose a life partner as well. That’s really a tough question to answer. That’s really true, every mom did that. But have you ever wonder how a just born child knew to suck that milk. If you believe in god, then its god, if you are atheist, then it’s nature. Same God or Nature taught every one to feel for their own pair.

If you have a question like this, these many years people did arranged marriages and lived a happy life, what for me. That’s really another tough question.
Even I agree, because I started dreaming about my girl ‘cause of my parents. I know how they loved each other. But I’m not lucky enough to have such a life by selecting strange partner.

I’m not asking everyone to do love marriage. But I'm saying that the dreams and views about marriage are different for each other. They should match accordingly else,

Before marriage, a girl has to
make love to a man to hold him.
After marriage,
she has to hold him
to make love to him.”
--Marilyn Monroe

A girl who is having a dream about her marriage life, her husband should pamper her everyday, expecting a surprise her every month. What if she married to a guy whose thought about marriage is to get a kid for his family. There is nothing wrong in their thoughts but what will happen if they get married.

There is no meaning if a pair looks made for each other or investigating on each of their backgrounds. A pair can have a comment like made for each other is by the way they understanding each other at the time of misunderstanding arise between each other. Understanding will give trust. Trust is other name of love. Love should create a bond… bond called as marriage.

The bond hold both should be love and not for society, parents and even your own children. Have a time to understand each other and know really can live together. Do just let it happen.

Marriage is just another invention of mankind. Up to me “it’s an occasion to inform people we know, that we are going to live for each other, please don’t disturb us”.

Marriages exist first and they extended it to reception according to their wealth. Then we started celebrating reception before marriage. Engagements exist later. To take time to read each other. Though you committed, then you finds that there is no more compatibility between each other, think and proceed further. Always people think that things will be getting fine after marriage. What if not? Don’t do things for one day celebration.

Children are born by us not for us." Every parent has dreams and should dream to give a birth to their own children, soon after they come into this universe they are started dreaming. Only thing parent should do is to teach how to dream not WHAT TO DREAM? If all did then this universe will starts missing new human every day. Your children learn things from you anyway. Show them how truly should love and believe!

Have a Happy Life!


  1. Hai Dude, Its really nice. keep up your good works.

  2. I agree that a person should not marry under compulsion.but on behalf of those who prefer arranged marriage which is the majority n most common thing, love before or after marriage doesnt matter , love is wat matters.

  3. Hare Doc Ji ...
    Thanks for your valuable comments!
    I believe that after marriage the love will be under compulsion again... They feel like no other go ... so they r living together in the name of destiny ... that's y i'm sayin there should be a time before marriage ...

    In real there is culture like engaging (nichaiyathaambulam not nichaiyathaartham) that should happen before 6 six of marriage that time they won't fix the marriage that time gap is to reduce the gap b/w them ... we are not followin our traditional n also not completely into western culture that's the problem ... Wait for my other post.. that 'll describe the real fact abt this .. Love or Sex!!!

  4. ethayum pathu tha life pathi therinjuka enaku avasiyam ilada. Unaku ithapathi ellam theriyumnu , theriyama solitaen am sorry. Ne ethukum porupaga mudiyathuda, its my mistake n wont do it again k. Just remember one thing, i say things not to argue but tryin to wake you up from your delusion, wasting time. You wont agree. V can never agree on things i guess. I stil would say you just think too much n complicate things.anyways a suggestion for your blog , ll be better if you get a grammar check done n give some nice background. All the best .i disagree completely wit you n i don wanna argue.sometimes its better to agree to disagree.but i hope n wish you come out of this phase of your life soon.bye.

  5. okay fine.i wont ask you to wake carry on wit your dreams n life .i just wanna say that i said things out of good intention . I wont say anything hereafter da. Ya gap between reality n dream may be is inefficiency n fear but i just hope you hav some constructive dreams .i was saying thing because you re dreaming about a thing thats gone by.i hav dreams too, i know how to be efficient to achieve em.n all the best for your dreams n life. Lets just stop it here.