Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sweet Nightmare! waiting for another

I was in the local train, sitting after a seat near by window, traveling with my roommate. He is standing out of my sight.

Dad asking me, “what are you up to?”

Me “plan to do further courses, to build up my career”

“are you sure?”


“don’t regret once you on half way. If you start then finish it don’t give up”

“mmm” I replied.

I turned other side for sight seeing. A small boy, with tinny eyes, holding a bag tightly came and sat on the same seat. I smiled at him, that boy too.

I asked “you came alone? Where is your father?”

“no” and pointed his hand somewhere behind.

He asked me “where is your father?”

“he past away… long back”

“oh… with whom you were talking... sometime before”

“That’s my father”

Passengers sitting behind my seats started murmuring by looking me strangely. After few seconds he left the seat. After few minutes of travel, I got down in some station. I know that is not exact destination where I have to get down. Phone rings, my roommate on line.

“ai, where are you, that is not…”

Before he finish, I interrupted, “yeah! I know, you just go n finish your shopping. I’ll come to room… mmm.. bye”

Without waiting for his reply I cut.

I had seen a mother and her son standing on road side, where few other boys eating pizzas find all over streets. That mom held her son’s arm tightly to avoid him from picking those pizzas. He pleased her with his eyes. She said no by nodding her head right to left and by opening her eyes wide.

I was standing in some border of something; I can feel that I should not cross it.

Suddenly I woke up from dream. I again closed my eyes. I feel a hand on my legs. That must be my dad. I tried to call him.

“no need to say anything” only I heard these words.

I felt his presence till dawn. I had gone to deep sleep after many days. I woke up in the morning I was very fresh, the calendar was showing the day, that was exactly eight years and one month old; from the day he left me alone. I’m still waiting for him, like to talk many things.

dad please come today, wanna talk I’m struggling. I can’t breath let we chat today… will you? mmm

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