Friday, August 13, 2010

I Woke Up in Roofless Room

Today I woke up before dawn; I was wonder that there is no roof I found over there. I was confused. I was wandering inside the room, all of sudden I found a pistol near by my pillow. As soon as I picked it up, I remembered some order given by someone. I walked down the streets. I remembered the voice, but I don’t remember when I heard n who said, “No Matter who … no matter where … Nothing will bother you. It’s up to you to save and protect." All the way I heard is only these words.

I saw a man who’s stealing a shop by making a small hole on the wall. I stopped there and watched him for a while. I remember my order. I lifted the pistol n my fingers reached the trigger. I heard that voice, “no matter who … no matter where …” I shot him dead. I continued the journey.

Next a woman I saw, who is offering her at some cost. Yeah! They called her as prostitute. This is not illegal in some region. I heard the voice “it’s up to you to save n protect”. I know I hate it. Might be a very good business and have a pity short story behind them. I wouldn’t prefer this. I shot her and her two of the customers. Yeah! I read it somewhere ‘where there’s a demand there’s a supply’.

I saw a boy playing with a puppy. He’s really not playing but squeezing it. I crossed them. I still heard screaming noise. “NO MATTER WHO”, I turned around and shot that kid. I continued walking, puppy followed me. In the petty shop an old man was selling drugs. NO WAY! I shot him too. I returned to my room, roofless room. I gone to sleep, puppy started licking my ears and nose. I pushed it away, again it continued. No other go I shot it.

Morning I went out for a breakfast. The shop daily I have my food was not opened. That’s owned by that woman. And a petty shop where I daily purchase my groceries are shut. Yeah! That’s own by that old man. A boy who daily plays with me was missing on that street. I remember that thing. I feel crap about myself. I took the milk pocket and poured it in a bowl for that puppy without knowing what I did to it.

When I realized I sat in the corner of the room, felt bit of loneliness. I closed my eyes for a while …I heard a strange screaming noise. I woke up all of sudden, now I found a roof above. Everything might be a dream, I thought. But there is a pistol beside me. I watched outside of the window a boy playing with a puppy.

"There is no god…
Other then You n Me!
There is no evil..
Other then You n Me!
There is no sin…
Other then loving each other!
There is no pitiless punishment…
Other then forgiving with smile!
There is nothing other than YOU and ME!!!"

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