Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rainy Independence Day

Morning ... August 15, 2013... Raining...

This rainy Independence Day pushed me to grow younger. I remember my school days, may be patriotism, I always want to go school on Independence Day but not my mom. We have parade on morning by 8am followed by that there will be speech competition then dance, price distribution and last sweet distribution. Hardly 4 hours.

I believe that should be on ninth standard, mean 15th August 2000, and was raining heavily. My brother told like he’s not going to attend the school. My mom was looking at me. I smiled and told like I want to go. She shouted, ‘yes, he’s the chief guest. Without him nothing will happen in school. See, nobody goes only he’s going to hoist the flag. Go, you’ll find a board in front of your school gate saying no function today due to rain. Just for one to two hours you want to spoil that white shirt and shoe’.

By hearing all those words I just prepared myself to go school. By the time she stopped shouting or maybe just by seeing me in white shirt.

I went, no board was there and all my friends were there in parade line. I joined in that again a wonderful day.

But last weekend I asked my friend ‘you've holiday next week?’ he surprised me by asking ‘for what?’

I told this incident to my assistant manager, he gave me a shock by saying when his daughter told she has holiday on next week his reply was like is it for republic day.

I'm not saying this new BPO, MNC industries are changing us. We have some event or at least an email wishing Happy Independence Day. But it’s us forgetting our own days just by running behind money. We are marketing our knowledge on where we get good price, may be by working on BPO or MNC or working in abroad. So it’s our responsibility to keep our things safe to present that to our own next generation, nothing to blame our customers. Learn work life balance and know to differentiate work from life. Work is to earn n life is not only to live, it’s your responsible to design it.

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