Saturday, July 20, 2013

I can't be goob :P

It’s me...
I never let any relationship get deep to me
But I plant one deep inside me
As they’re me...
Though I know that they gonna leave me...
I hardly trust one
And I pray that they should never understand me
Coz I love the pain of being abandoned
Dark after dark never show the difference
I go to the light... Brightest
Then I smash everything to feel the darkest dark
I lay on one shoulder
I rest on only one nest
I shut all the doors around
I set fire n wander like abandoned child
I love the pain...
It’s not the curse I walk alone
I love to walk like an orphan
As who cares
I run with my own legit
I never want anyone to get me rid out of it
I walk into it again n again
It’s me..
I create complication
I put myself in suffocation
I see myself suffering
I drown in my tears... Bleed... suffer
I never get upset...
If you see me dead
Then believe me I’m not the victim
I’d be the killer
But it never could be suicide
I’d have tested something...

It’s me

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