Friday, June 18, 2010

Love after Sorry
She is still sleeping on my chest

Hi all,

It was fine Monday, but not for me.. Since my childhood this might be a worst day..

Now its evening, everything frustrates me to the core, ‘why I’m responsible and answering for someone’s mistake’. Even in cab desk till I’m not getting cab properly.. Have to say the day started with her “MUAH”. Then I didn’t forget to see the last page of my diary in my office. Hmmm.. Once she wrote her name and followed by mine.. That time we were working together.. Everything was fine when I started..

I reached home, I can hear her voice, and I was up to taking off my shoes.

“You know what..”

‘Something she is starting now’ (mind voice) I know I can’t hear those things I interrupted “what is for dinner”

“mmmm, nothing..”

“Nothing, why can’t you inform me before I reach”

“dei I started something I want to finish”

“But I asked why you haven’t start.. Preparing dinner”

“You want your dinner right??, you care nothing”


She is still in kitchen, for this reply I expected something more.. But she is silent..

She “today I went to market I saw my mom, she is still angry with me”

She started..

“oh.. What she told then”


“you are feeling for nothing”

“… … even you shouted for nothing… when I said nothing for dinner.. You… …”

“on that day, you know how your father scolded me, do you think I’ll forget all those things”

“Why you are talking about past now”

“Past?? Oh.. Something happened to me, it’s nothing to talk, for you even though nothing I’ve to pamper”

“PRADEEP” she shouted my name and came out of kitchen.. I can feel that she is standing behind me.. But I didn’t see her face..

“What?? You’ll feel for nothing then I’ve to pamper you every day.. Do you marry me to pamper you?”

“My mom and her angry is nothing for you”

“Oh yeah for you your parent’s angry is worth so much then you’ve to marry that angry not me”

“DAI” she shouted but I can feel something in that dai..

I turned towards her.. She got tears..

I stared her and knee on sofa and lifted her hands up and start hitting me with her hands.. No reaction from her..

“dei loose sorry da” by saying this I pulled her to me and wee fall in sofa.. She is on my lap..

“Loose please, sorry, tell me what happened”

“mmm.. nothing.. What happen to you” she asked by playing with my shirt button..

“Nothing da.. I’m okay.. Tell me what happened to my princess”

“Sorry” she replied then she stared telling what happened..

I can still remember that fellow, actually her father wants him to be his son in law.. Yeah not as her husband because that is his wish about her life.. Her father made him to come in to her life.. He is like psycho.. Later her father come to know about him.. He realized he did a blunder.. But he started torturing her through messages She forwarded his messages, it was horrible.. Where she didn’t tell to her parents.. Because she thought they might feel guilty..

Then it’s obvious.. I mean about her father’s angry.. Who can tolerate, when someone taking such angel away from them..

Even now she used to call that fellow and talk.. To be frank I admired such things..

Only just one year I can say we got married, now I’m 28. I believe before second year anniversary her parents angry will go away else at least must go little bit down..

She slept.. By lying on my chest..

I whispered “loose … … loose”

She tried to open her eyes and said “mmm”

I said in whisper “I love you”

“poda” she closed her eyes again..

After few second she opened her eyes and said “me too” and tried to reach my lips.. Suddenly she stopped and said “no, I won’t give, and then you’ll say that I jabbed you”

We both stared each other for few seconds..

I bend and we hold each others for few minutes..

She asked “hungry??”

I nodded my head..

That moment I felt like I can answer for everyone’s mistake, I need no cab.. i can remember a quote ‘you are blessed to be stressed’

I want to be blessed to frustrate to the core daily..

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